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Caldwell & Moll, L.C. – Established 1996

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Firm Overview

With experience in both trial and appellate litigation, Caldwell & Moll, L.C. has a proven track record of success.

Robert S. Caldwell and Loren W. Moll were both experienced attorneys when they founded the law firm of Caldwell & Moll, L.C. in 1996. Today Caldwell & Moll, L.C. represents major business and individuals in Kansas, Missouri and throughout the United States. We are recognized leaders in the areas of real estate, business insurance, and family law.

Real Estate, Business Law, Insurance and Torts Law

The Caldwell & Moll Law Firm has a strong background in Real Estate Law, Insurance Law, and Business Law. With years of experience, we work aggressively to meet the needs of our clients.

Consumer Protection and Family Law

Caldwell & Moll has years of experience in the areas of consumer protection and family law. We provide the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Trial and Appellate Litigation

Experienced in litigation in all courts in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, we practice in local, state and federal courts, and are experienced in both state and federal appellate courts, including the State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court.